Massage treatments


Pamper yourself with our in-house relaxation treatments tailored to your needs.

We have a delightful therapist, Aurelie, trained in Shiatsu, traditional Chinese essential oil massage, acupunture and reflexology, who will help you relax and unwind in the comfort of your own room.

The massages are practiced in either the traditional way, clothed, or directly onto the skin, with organic vegetable and essential oils

Further details on request.


Practiced clothed, on a massage table, this method involves energetic pressure with the fingers and hands, on the meridians of the body to encourage circulation and rebalance energy within the body.

Essential Oil Massage

Perfect for complete relaxation. Based on Shiatsu, this massage allows the release of physical and psycholgical tensions by encouraging better blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. Particular areas such as the neck, back or legs can be concentrated on to help solve problems.

Foot Reflexology

Practiced with vegetable oils, this art involves massage of zones on the feet and envisages the feet as a map of the body, rich in nerve endings linked to all parts of the body.


Essential oil massage
1 hour @ 75€

Traditional Shiatsu
1 hour @ 75€

1.5 hours @ 110€

(Sessions of ½ hour each for 2 people also available)